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Contemporary dance and performance collective from Puerto Rico founded in 2015 by artists Beatriz Irizarry, Cristina Lugo and Marili 'Mim' Pizarro. 




Irizarry studied ballet and modern dance since childhood. In 2002 she became a member of contemporary dance company Hincapié funded and directed by choreographer Petra Bravo. Irizarry later directed and choreographed pieces under Bravo's wing for the following decade. in 2009 her choreography 'A punto de olvidar' was presented in the 8th Contemporary dance festival of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She has collaborated with renowned artists Kiani del Valle, Elizabeth Magaly Robles, Nelson Mestei, Nelson Rivera and Viveca Vazquez. 


She studied in Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico since childhood and later enrolled in contemporary dance curses with Petra Bravo at the University of Puerto Rico. She later joined Bravo's dance company Hincapié where she worked as dancer and choreographer for over a decade. In 2011, Lugo joined contemporary dance company Andanza under the direction of Lolita Villanua. As a professional and independent artist, Lugo has performed in theaters in the United States as well as in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, France and Spain.


Independent visual and performance artist from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The focus of her work and practice merges space and body specificity with choreography and visual media. She describes her work as born from precariety and the redefinition of space. She also works as set designer, graphic artist, costume and makeup designer and photographer. She has presented as dancer and choreographer for Contemporary dance company Hincapié, La guareta and La trinchera. Also as an improvisation artist for Piso proyecto by artist Noemi Segarra. Pizarro has presented her work as an independent artist in Puerto Rico and internationally. 

LA TRINCHERA 's official list of collaborators

Raul I. Porro

Composer, sound technician and music artist. Photography

IG @rapocab

Lidy Paoli

Dancer/acrobat. Video artist. Technician.


Juan Fernando Morales. 

Multidisciplinary visual artist. Light and set designer. 

Coral Aleman 

Dancer. Visual artist/sculptor and light technician. 


Joaquin Octavio

Theatre, playwright and video artist. 

Mariana Roca

Visual and video artist. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. 

Frank Darren

Video artist and editor.

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